We live in the age where a picture can be taken and posted on such social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in under five minutes. So much of our daily lives revolve around sharing it with family and friends.

The business world is catching on to the social media craze too, as companies are reaping the benefits of promoting their service on social media. Social media is allowing companies to reach out to more people, and as such, most have seen their businesses grow two-fold.

So my question is: What is the problem with restaurants?

So far, the restaurant industry is holding out getting the word out there via social media, and it is high time for the restaurant business to let go of the old model of advertising and catch the wave to the future.

Social media will allow restaurants to promote their service to more and more potential customers. Instead of leaving it up to a customer to fantasize about what is on a menu, they can click on a photo album on Facebook and view the food that you create.

Social media is a tool that all restaurants should partake in. I guess one of the fears restaurants have is that they will get bad reviews from customers who eat at their restaurants. First and foremost, if you are getting hit with a barrage of bad reviews, you should either fix it pronto or close up shop.

Second of all, how are customers going to know if you have the best restaurant in town if you don’t advertise? Yes, there is a dark side to social media, but websites like Twitter and Facebook are basically free advertising to restaurants, especially the mom-and-pop ones.

So don’t be afraid, showcase your restaurant. Get your business out there.