Gordon Ramsay Hates Noma

Gordon Ramsay Hates Noma

Gordon Ramsay Hates Noma, and Other Things We Learned From René Redzepi’s Reddit AMA

René Redzepi, the world-famous chef, spoke about his favorite flavors and how to impress women with food on Reddit

Despite not earning the approval of Gordon Ramsay, chef Redzepi seems to be doing pretty well for himself.

René Redzepi, one of the most successful chefs in the world and executive chef of “The World’s Greatest Restaurant” Noma, took time out of his busy schedule to conduct a Reddit AMA. Right off the bat, we were surprised that not only has Gordon Ramsay eaten at Noma, but he hated it! Redzepi would not give any more details, but did say Ramsay was “nice about it.” Here are nine other facts we learned from chef Redzepi’s AMA.

He got over a major scandal by being honest — Two years ago, 70 Noma diners got food poisoning, but the year after, his restaurant was voted, yet again, the best in the world. “You have to be totally honest and tell everything the way it is to the public. Don’t try to hide any details. Then people will quickly see that it’s a situation that’s almost beyond any chef or restaurants control.”

He has burnt toast and overcooked steak — “I f–k up things all the time. I’m a master f–k-up!”

His dishwasher is the best in the world — He actually put this fact in the title of his AMA, and explained, “Our dishwasher is the happiest person I know… For half his life he was also a dishwasher, so Ali (our dishwasher) has really become the father figure of the restaurant.”

He was star-struck when he met Jiro — “Meeting Jiro was truly nerve-wracking, I was awe-struck. Interesting note is that you’re not supposed to shake his hand when meeting him because he doesn’t want them polluted before touching the rice. I got to shake his hand though and as soon as I remembered I wasn’t supposed to do that — I almost s–t myself, literally. It’s mindboggling to have two hours privately with a man that is full of wisdom the way he is.”

Green garlic is one of his favorite flavors — But he doesn’t like to choose.

He’s humble — Despite opening a pop-up with a 60,000-person waitlist, he doesn’t call his food refined: “I personally never use the term refined as I don’t fully understand it. For me it typically eludes to luxury and that’s not always about refinement, but more about how much you’re willing to pay for an ingredient.”

He’s not going anywhere anytime soon — He calls Noma his “only job, pretty much” and says the future holds “much more of the same. Just better. And better. And better.”

His love advice is simple — Cook lasagna to impress the ladies.

Can’t Get to Copenhagen?—The Noma of North America is the Willow’s Inn on Lummi Island in Washington, and it just happened to place number 77 of our 101 Best Restaurants in America list.


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