Chef Dead for a coffee

Chef Dead for a coffee


A chef employed by Rick Stein died when he was crushed by a moving train – after drunkenly chasing a coffee he left on its roof, an inquest heard.

Kyle Kusano-Puffett died when he tried to recover a cup of coffee he had left on the roof of the carriage.

As he neared the train he slipped and fell onto the track, suffering broken ribs and massive head injuries.

The inquest into his death heard how Kyle had consumed alcohol and MDMA, a powdered form of ecstasy.

Kyle was returning home by train after a boozy day out, and had to change trains half way through the journey, from Plymouth, Devon, to his home in Padstow, Cornwall.

The train stopped in Bodmin’s Parkway station, and instead of waiting for the doors to open Kyle opted to climb out of the window instead.

As he performed the acrobatic manoeuvre he placed his coffee on top of the train to keep it safe, but he forgot to reclaim the coffee.

He then re-joined his friend and headed towards the exit, but quickly remembered his beverage, and ran back to the train, which was leaving the station.

As he neared the train, which was accelerating up to 30mph, Kyle jumped to grab the coffee, but slipped in the process and fell onto the track next to the speeding locomotive.

The train, piloted by Timothy Ridgley, stopped using the emergency brake, but it was too late – and Kyle was crushed to death.

Speaking at the inquest, held in Truro, Cornwall, friend Ian Salmon said: “He got out quicker than I did – I think he climbed through the window.

“He still had his coffee and put it on the train as he was trying to get out. I tried to grab his coffee but I couldn’t so we left it. I assume he was trying to get his coffee.

He jumped up to get it, I watched what he was doing and he fell under the train.

“I walked towards where it happened but I couldn’t bring myself to go near the track, I was in a state of shock.”

Kim Spurling, a train dispatcher, said she saw the two men climbing on the door trying to grab the coffee.

She said: “I shouted at them to get down because the coffee was going to fall off when the train moved away. Then they started walking towards the exit.”

Ms Spurling said that immediately after the incident she ran over to see what had happened, and found Kyle on the track.

According to a pathology report, Kyle suffered massive head injuries and rib fractures, and found the head injuries to be the main cause of death.

A toxicology report found that Kyle had 219mg of alcohol and 235 mg of MDMA per 100ml of blood at the time of his death.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, coroner Barrie can den Berg said: “I come to the obvious conclusion that this was an accident.

“Sometimes when you have a few drinks what seems like a good idea then is a tragic idea later.”

Kyle’s father, Roger Puffett, attended the inquest, and paid tribute to his son.

He said: “We lived an adventurous life. I don’t think that life will ever be idiot proof.

People drink, my son drank, and it’s unfortunate.”

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