The Great British Weather

It’s not renowned for its magnitude of greatness to say the least…

But when it starts playing the hokey-cokey with one of our most anticipated, seasonal goodies, it’s just not on. I am, of course, referring to asparagus. The gem of the springtime, the beacon which shines to us through the glum of winter, has had an iddy biddy, Borrower-sized spanner thrown in its works. Having estimated a sizeable crop by now, the cooler temperatures have put a severe halt to our tasty spears. Alas, ne fret pas! We have our European friends to save our Hollandaise and put us right back on track. With green asparagus from Spain and its white counterpart from France, we are rockin’ and rollin’ with the best of them, and we will, of course, keep you posted on the progress of our UK-grown asparagus.


We move forward on to another pressing matter; the sheer brilliance of wild garlic. Hell-to-the-yeah!! Short season, strong flavour, with principles to match. The word ‘seasonal’ could have been invented for wild garlic, and who knows it wasn’t?! Make this an integral part of many a dish and your customers will be singing happy tunes all the way home.


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