Calorie controlled diet!

Calorie controlled diet!...

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pepper pizza

pie mash

I made this turned out like cupboard the filling was good need to  try a...

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I’ll Never Eat Another Sandwich: British Food Supplier Fined 17K For “Mickey” Bread

September 27, 2010 in  Aaaaahh, Bread, Bread In The Head, Do Not Want, Food, Gross!, Horf, Horfironi Rolls, I Would Sue For Giving Me...

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Cake Disasters

  Did you see our post on the amazing Harry Potter cakes!? If not head...

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nice burn

A Ride in the Oven

A Ride in the Oven When I was 15 (15 years ago) I worked at...

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Pasta-rolling machine

Chef: Greg Howe, Richard Sandoval Restaurant Group Instrument of Injury: Pasta-rolling machine At another restaurant at one of...

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Steam-jacket kettle

Chef: Jon Keeley, Gemini Restaurant Group (Chicago) Instrument of Injury: Steam-jacket kettle I was working in the banquet department...

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Meat slicer

Chef: Paul Shaked, The Cleveland Instrument of Injury: Meat slicer I was working at my dad’s restaurant, Sofia’s...

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Hot bone marrow

Chef: Robin Song, Hog & Rocks (San Francisco) Instrument of Injury: Hot bone marrow On a busy Friday night,...

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got lucky

no nails

slow down

Chef Horror Stories

Chef Horror Stories Exploding propane tanks! Coked-up celebrities! Oprah meltdowns! From Rachael Ray to Paula...

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Day washers

Kitchen fire

It’s hot now!

Oil change!

break time!

watch your pots!

burnt hand

chef im bored!

think you got off lightly!

Test image upload to injuries  ...

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Duck Fat

Chef: Shaun Hergatt, Juni Instrument of Injury: Duck fat When I was chef de cuisine...

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Hot bone fat.

Chef: Robin Song, Hog & Rocks (San Francisco) Instrument of Injury: Hot bone marrow On...

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Tin Foil

Chef: Michele Mazza, Trattoria Il Mulino Instrument of Injury: An industrial-size rack of aluminum foil...

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stock pots, ooh! that’s gotta hurt

Chef: Jon Keeley, Gemini Restaurant Group (Chicago) Instrument of Injury: Steam-jacket kettle I was working...

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Fryer, say no more.

Chef: Keeley, Gemini Restaurant Group (Chicago) Instrument of Injury: Fryer I was closing down a...

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pasta machine wins!

Chef: Greg Howe, Richard Sandoval Restaurant Group Instrument of Injury: Pasta-rolling machine At another restaurant...

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dont mess with knives!!!

  Chef: Thiago Silva, Catch Instrument of Injury: Cake knife We had just finished a...

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great cut!

nice burns!

nice burns


unloved kitchen!

busted burner.

bad shift!

Xmas Dinner


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Pizza volcano

I think you need a tray!!!...

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Wok went wong


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