calling all students

calling all students

Afternoon All –  especially  students !!


Final chance  – closing date 28th February !


Here is a  fantastic once in a lifetime opportunity from The Craft Guild of Chefs  in celebration of  its  50th anniversary year for  three  colleges to create a  Royal canapé . 


Christopher Basten, National Chairman of the Craft Guild of Chefs  said: “The competition was in the true spirit of nurturing the next generation of chefs in the UK ,  this is a fantastic and unique opportunity for the nation’s catering students to play a key role in our 50th anniversary celebrations and have the chance to shine at a high profile event attended by  royalty and some of the biggest names in the chef world. ”

 The deadline for first-round paper entries is Saturday 28 February 2015.

 Please see the attachment and link –  good  luck and have a  great experience !!

All the best 


Murray Chapman MCGB Master CGC



Tel:  0114 2458696


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