1. Your “weekend” is actually mid-week and you never know the date.

2. You can ask “How are you?” and be answered with “just this,” “water,” “coke,” “WE NEED A MINUTE,” etc., instead of “Good, and you?”

3. Working a double translates to 12+ hours of non-stop moving, no food, no bathroom breaks, with a constant smile.

4. You close, but have to be back the next day to open, yet still choose to go out drinking, then show up to work like:

5. Your cash is primarily in singles.

6. Your fuel consists of Red Bull, cigarettes, beer, coffee, and gum.

7. You beg friends/co-workers to come visit on their days off.

8. Drinking is no longer an option, but an after-work activity.

9. Complaining about your job comes as natural as picking up extra shifts.

10. Your co-workers are your family.