How healthy is this, really? If you’re one of the people thinking about how to lower cholesterol (about 50% of us in the UK), you might be questioning the healthiness of an egg dish. Don’t worry – foods that contain cholesterol, like eggs and seafood, are no longer considered the main cause of elevated cholesterol levels in the blood. So feel free to enjoy an egg in the morning even if you’re lowering cholesterol. They’re full of vitamins, nutrients, and they’re even low in fat! Another great thing about this dish is you can pack in plenty of veg to help you get your five-a-day. It’s very versatile: you can use different vegetables depending on what you like and have in the fridge, and the result will still be a tasty breakfast. Enjoy!

Healthy Breakfast: Tasty Egg Mini-Muffins

egg-muffinsIt’s not always easy to get a healthy start to the day. Time is so precious in the morning that it’s easy to skip breakfast entirely, or end up eating something quick but unhealthy on-the-go.

If you’ve decided to make a change and thinking about healthy vegetable recipes or trying maintain a healthy weight – we’ve got a great recipe below you can add to your breakfast repertoire.

Egg mini-muffins

A simple and delicious dish, these egg muffins have proven extremely popular with everyone from food bloggers to full-time mums. They’re light, easy to make, can be prepared in advance, and (importantly) they’re really tasty – what more could you want?

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