TOG, 4¾” / 12.5cm ‘PETTY’ (UTILITY/PARING) KNIFE ペティーナイフ


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Product Description

TOG 3 Knives Composite RGB

 Product Description

The Japanese name for this type of knife is a ‘Petty’ knife. The TOG Petty knife is light and agile and perfect for smaller work like paring and slicing. It also has a very useful sharp point. For more details, see Tech Specs.

Product Features:

• Roll-forged, 21-layer, ridiculously sharp blade.
• Stays sharp due to Acuto 440 high carbon Japanese steel cutting edge hardened to HRC 58-60.
• Antimicrobial copper layers give TOG blades their distinctive stripes.
• Full tang, bolstered, 3-rivet handle for durability and balance.
• Kebony Maple handle, a sustainable and highly durable alternative to tropical hardwoods.
• Handle sculpted to provide excellent grip and control.
• Laser-etched handle and blade.



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