TOG, 10″ / 25cm CERAMIC HONING ROD 黒セラミック包丁研ぎ棒


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Product Description

Ceramic Rod and Gyuto on Orange RGBTOG Honing Rod Three Quarter RGB

Product Description

The TOG ceramic honing rod is needed in order to maintain the edge of your TOG Knives (or other steel kitchen knives). Unlike other ceramic rods, it has a 3-part shock absorber system that absorbs 70% of impacts, reducing the risk of breaking if dropped. The rod should be used daily or weekly, depending on how much you use your knives. This video explains how the product works and the best way to use it:

Additional Information

Weight 390g

Dimensions 450 x 310 x 50 mm

Weight without packaging 245g

Length (rod, including handle) 400mm

Length (ceramic portion of rod) 250mm


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