Mighty Mixed Grill

Mighty Mixed Grill

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It’s Father’s Day, lads, so we know a large majority of you will have been out for a meal with your old man at some point today, but we bet you didn’t even come close to anything like this.


The picture above is of a colossal mixed grill, known as the Rushton Grill, available courtesy of the culinary genuises at The Old Blind School on Hardman Street in Liverpool. The team there reckon it serves four people, but if you fancy it all to yourself they certainly won’t stop you.

The giant platter contains:

– 2 x 16oz T-Bone steaks

– Short bone rib beef

– 2 x veal cutlets

– 2 x chicken breasts

– 4 x Cumberland sausages

– A 10oz Gammon steak

On top of all that, you’ll also get hand cut chips, a beer-basted onion, roasted tomatoes, honey-roasted carrots, b√©arnaise & pepper sauces and house gravy.


The restaurant’s owner, Paul Newman, said of the beast:

It’s named in honour of Edward Rushton, a British poet, writer and bookseller from Liverpool. He worked as a sailor aboard a slave ship as a young man, and became an abolitionist as a result. After losing his own vision, he opened a school for the blind, the oldest continuous such school in the world. His portrait is on the wall and we named it in his honour.
Paul Newman, meat man
If you’d like to try the Rushton Grill, it’ll set you back a pretty penny – ¬£120 for the lot.

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