Health Tip: Top 10 Healthy Foods for 2015

Health Tip: Top 10 Healthy Foods for 2015

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015

As the holidays are fast approaching and most healthy eating habits are discarded more quickly than an immature boyfriend, Swide turns their minds to the post holiday bloat and identifies the new healthy foods we will be shopping for come January (and guilt).

We’ve had (almost) enough of Quinoa and Kale. What will be in our plates in 2015? Which will be the trendy health movements for next year? The healthy-living community is growing and getting more creative each year.

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015 - gif

Here is a preview of what the clean-eating-lovers will be talking about in 2015.  And yes, more coconut products included.

The next almonds: Brazil Nuts

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015 - brazil nuts

This year was Brazil’s year, but because we never have enough of the samba country (and of Giselle, soccer, etc…) 2015 healthy prognostics claim that Brazil Nuts will be the new IT-nuts (yes, those big-half moon shaped ones). Why? They have crazy levels of vitamins and minerals and an ultra creamy, rich taste that’s perfect to create nut butters, pestos, and even vegan cheeses.  They are the richest food source of selenium, which is essential for immune and thyroid function, as well as protection from prostate and breast cancers, and it plays a role in reducing allergies and inflammation. Brazil nuts are also rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant and beauty-boosting vitamin and magnesium, which helps to cure headaches and insomnia (and PMS!).

The next green tea: Matcha Green tea

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015 - Matcha Green Tea

If you were looking for a beverage healthier than Green tea, we are happy to say we found it! and its more Green Tea!…but in a different form. Matcha Tea is actually finely milled or fine powder green tea. Its health benefits exceed those of green tea because when you drink it, you ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water. One glass of Matcha Tea is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content. This miracle drink has been consumed for over a millenium in Asian cultures and its considered one of the most powerful superfoods on earth (and fortunately it has an amazing flavour too!). Also this “powder” can be used on cooking recipes… celebrate the beginning of 2015 with some matcha cupcakes!

The new cane sugar: Coconut Sugar

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015 - Coconut Sugar

We never interrupt the eternal research for the perfect sugar substitute: 2015 is all about coconut sugar. We know what you are thinking: coconut milk, coconut yogurt, coconut oil, coconut water… it’s no huge surprise that coconut sugar would be next (and it’s also clear that this fruit is rich in health benefits). This new trendy sugar has impressive amounts of nutrients such as zinc and iron, as well as antioxidants and inulin (a type of dietary fiber that supports gut health and prevents colon cancer). But don’t play the all-you-can-eat card here, Coconut Sugar contains 39% of fructose, which is healthier than regular sugar, but still sugar. If you want to go crazy with sweet, we suggest you to use Stevia.

The new quinoa: Kañiwa

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015 - Kaniwa

Ok we love quinoa, but its time to give this grain a holiday: 2015 will be the year of this quinoa’s little cousin Kañiwa. Directly also from South America (specifically from Peru and Bolivia), this dark reddish-brown grain has a delicate nutty flavor and is high in iron, an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, and is also gluten free. This grain is about half the size of quinoa seed, which makes it quicker to cook.

The new quinoa (Part II): Teff

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015 - Teff

Teff is another gluten-free miracle grain to add to our shopping list; coming directly from Ethiopia and Eritrea, this wheat-like grain is high in vitamin C (not commonly found in grains), proteins, and iron. It is small like a poppy-seed and comes in a variety of colors, from white to dark brown. This grain is also known as the king of calcium: it wins among all the other grains in calcium content, a cup of cooked teff offers 123mg of this mineral. Teff consumption can benefit blood sugar management, weight control and colon health. This grain is a healthy and versatile ingredient for many gluten-free products: be ready to see lots of Teff pancakes, Teff burgers and Teff muffins instagram.

The year of Pistachio

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015 - Pistachios

Who doesn’t love Pistachio? Well, 2015 has been officially declared by healthy food fans like ”The year of Pistachio”. This super tasty nut is a healthy source of protein and helps lower blood sugar and insulin levels in people with prediabetes. Pistachios make the perfect healthy snack: they contain fewer calories and more potassium and vitamin K than the other nuts. And in 2015 this nut will be definitively everywhere and in all its form: from green tea with pistachio to pistachio flour and salt (Sorry pistachio gelato its not consider a “healthy” meal, snif).

The cool veg-fusion: Kalettes

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015 - Kalettes

Kale fans we have good news for you: a British vegetable company took 15 years to create this amazing new vegetable, a hybrid of kale and brussel sprouts great flavor: Kalettes. They are very versatile and can be cooked in many different ways: sautéed, grilled, roasted or simply raw.  And of course two super foods are better than one: Kalettes pack 120% of your daily vitamin K and 40% of vitamin C per 85 grams, about 1½ cups. This hybrid has been available in US market since fall 2014 and will be definitively very popular in 2015.

Fermented Foods

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015 - Fermented Foods

Let’s start with the basics: despites the word “fermented” sounds negative, fermented foods make your body create good bacteria that help the digestive tract and immune system, and can even lead to weight loss and better skin.  And more good news: this food trend will be everywhere the next year. From top restaurants and gourmet cuisine, to supermarket shelves, 2015 is the year for “healthy” fermentation. This category includes a whole new world of probiotic yogurts and products, sauerkraut, pickels, miso soup, kimchee and many fermented vegetables. Fermentation isn’t just an ancient way of preserving food, it’s the 2015 health movement.

No judging: ugly veggies

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015 - Ugly veggies

Don’t judge a book (or a vegetable in this case) by its cover. Ugly root vegetables, such as kohlrabi, celeriac and parsnips, will be replacing potatoes in 2015, as people look for different flavors and more nutritional values. The “least photogenic” vegetables are definitively tastier than the pretty ones, and contain more nutritional benefits as they haven’t been chemically manipulated or selected. And the most important part: consuming them will reduce food waste and make a better world for all.

Medical Marijuana meets healthy food

Top 10 healthy food trends for 2015 - Marijuana

Last but very serious (try not to laugh!): In states (US) with laws permitting the consumption of marijuana for medical purposes, food companies are now licensed to manufacture “infused products” that go far beyond the typical happy brownie or pot cookies. The company “Simply Pure” produces from granola bars and coconut cream to foods like salsa and marinara sauce, all vegan, sugar-free and gluten free. The concept is that if we are using cannabis to treat medical conditions, it is a good idea to consume it in conjunction with a healthy delivery method.

Start cleaning your kitchen gabinets and make some space for this new ingredients and super foods! Make 2015 your fresh new start, it’s a great opportunity to change (or improve) your eating habits!

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