Chef interview tips:

Chef interview tips:

Before a chef interview:

jonnychef_pic2Prior to an interview we would suggest you do the following:
1. Look on the company website, research about the company and think of some questions
2. Plan your route to the interview
3. Have clean and ironed smart clothes to wear, get these ready the night before including clean polished shoes.
If this is a working chef interview take some clean/ironed chef whites, make sure you look the part.

4. Look on the menus and have a dish in mind to cook.
5. Set off in plenty of time, always be 10 minutes early to the interview.
6. Have our contact number with you, in case of an issue traveling. Your chef consultant is here for you.
During the interview
hp_img71. When the person interviewing you comes into the area your waiting in, always stand up and put your hand out to shake hands.
2. Always have you’re mobile phone turned off, no chewing gum in and smelling nice n fresh.
3. Always listen to a question, never ‘but’ in with a answer until the person finishes the sentence
4. Always say thank you and please if they off you something like a cup of coffee / water. It is great practice to say yes if offered a drink
5. If they show you around the hotel, whenever possible walk along side them not in front of them, offer to let them go through the door 1st (esp if they are female), if a guest is behind you – hold the door open to let the guest walk through it.
6. As you leave, shake hands with the person
7. Never swear or use slang words
TIP: make sure you look the part, people do look at someone being smart.
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