dont mess with knives!!!

dont mess with knives!!!


Chef: Thiago Silva, Catch

Instrument of Injury: Cake knife

We had just finished a busy service, cleaned up, and headed down to our prep kitchen to make sure it was tidy. Pastry cooks are always the last ones out, so only the night porters were present. One night porter was a little too playful and grabbed what he thought was a metal spatula, but in reality it was my extremely sharp cake knife. He smacked me in my leg, and the other pastry cook who was there (who also thought cake knife was a metal spatula) grabbed his hand so that he would stop. The porter then grabbed the blade with a very tight grip just as the pastry cook yanked it. Just imagine griping the blade of a knife, squeezing it as someone yanks it! Never have I seen blood shoot out of someone’s body like that. His whole thumb was dangling from its socket — awful!


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