stock pots, ooh! that's gotta hurt

stock pots, ooh! that’s gotta hurt

Chef: Jon Keeley, Gemini Restaurant Group (Chicago)
Instrument of Injury: Steam-jacket kettle
I was working in the banquet department of a hotel in Boston where we did all the stocks in 60-gallon steam jacket kettles that have a drain spout at the bottom of the kettle. My co-worker was draining the 212-degree stock while crouching in front of it like a catcher in baseball. As he was tapping the drain spout to make it go faster, it broke, gushing all the stock out — directly hitting his genitals, legs, and torso! He ripped his clothes off and jumped in a large cooling sink (which is the worst thing to do to a burn), peeling his skin like a tomato. It was the funniest, grossest accident I saw.


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