Hot bone marrow

Hot bone marrow

Chef: Robin Song, Hog & Rocks (San Francisco)
Instrument of Injury: Hot bone marrow
On a busy Friday night, my sous chef was on vacation and my kitchen was under-staffed — no line cook and no expeditor. At the peak of the rush, around 8:30 p.m., the tickets were flying and guests were all looking for bone marrow. To maximize space in our small  kitchen, I put one too many bones on a tray in the oven to roast. The bones usually take about ten minutes, and at that time in service, every second counts in the kitchen. As the ticket machine continued to scream at me, I went to pull the bones out of the oven when the tray tilted and poured scalding hot beef fat down the arm holding the tray. I couldn’t afford the time to drop the bones, so screaming in pain, I hung on for dear life. I set the bones down, wiped the fat and what was left of my skin off with a towel, and continued plating.

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