Carrot net

Amazing pumpkin carving……

Amazing pumpkin carving……...

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chef tattoo


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Scary banana

Best iv seen...

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Chefs cup

Mitsis hotel, Crete, Greece.

  Georgos Sklarisis, Ex Head chef, Konstantinos Xristopoulo At the Mitsis Hotel showcasing some of...

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The point Bermuda

Well done on cup match 385 for lunch...

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Knife set for head chefs

Come on then show me yours...

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Cake Disasters

  Did you see our post on the amazing Harry Potter cakes!? If not head...

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Kitchen cosmos: the universe made from food

 Kitchen cosmos: the universe made from food – in pictures From cinnamon galaxies and floury...

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Chef Jenga

Top chef skill


carrot lobster


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Sexy food.

Banana hands

Baby carrots

Nice lemon!

How Fast?

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chefs love a tatttoo...

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giant burger

crazy food art

knife skills

chopping trick

This is co-ordination.

Post by Beto Sierra. Check out how fast these guys are. Does your line ever...

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clever KP’s

bread carvings

chilli willy

1ft hotdog

Melon waterfall

eating a cobra heart!

angry pepper