super knife

super knife


2 Stage – Concept Development

the smart knife include not only providing information about freshness but also negative ions. and you can see screen convenient angle.

The kitchen knife is one for the future that gives basic information on freshness and bacteria infection of food materials and food, and nutrients at a glance. The knife has sensor and system on its tip itself to sense ingredients of food materials, and the information is known to a user through Smart screen.
the smart knife include not only providing information but also negative ions. it can keep freshness for a long time and block the virus. the negative ions is effective to organic groceries. especially It can block decomposition by ethylene gas and it help to keep freshness for a long time because negative ions have water molecular and it cover groceries surface. and it also help to prevent oxidation and keeping freshness to meat and fish

you can choose a option of two ways voice recognition or touch screen, and you can conveniently get some information through voice recognition in cooking

when you see the screen with holding the knife. it is very inconvenient to hold. so I designed that consumers are available to rotate screen freely. you can see the screen most convenient angle through setting and there is other strap to safely grab when you see the screen. it can separate the center of gravity

Supply of electricity is made from charging battery. The knife is normally preserved by being connected to charger. you can control to turn on/off charger through power button and I added locking function to prevent to play with knife your children
In the future, consumers would seek food more frequently which can be eaten safely. Smart knife would be a tool to provide such consumers with efficient information.

Output information are as follows.

■ Freshness – percentage showing total freshness and gauge bar. in addition you can check temperature and humidity, sugar content and pesticide and cross section
■ bacteria infection degree – bacteria infection degree percentage and gauge bar, information on major dangerous bacteria and photo
■ nutrient – nutrient percentage and gauge bar; major nutrients such as vitamin ABC, carbohydrate, protein, fat etc. are shown
■ negative ion – you can put negative ions out in the groceries and keeping the freshness


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