When i die!

Calorie controlled diet!

Calorie controlled diet!...

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Healthy shopping!

Healthy shopping!...

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How do you like yours?

How do you like yours?...

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So true

So true...

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Mixing with no hands! #dangerous

Mixing with no hands!  #dangerous...

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Best veg!

Best veg!...

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Dinosaur Cuts!

Dinosaur Cuts!...

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Fab cooking!

Fab cooking!...

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Handy tips for young chefs

Handy tips to know !...

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Xmas turkey cooking tips!

Xmas turkey cooking tips!...

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Cook on my day off!

Don’t Ask...

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Chef murdered,Serial killer suspect Stephen Port appears in court

Suspected serial killer Stephen Port has appeared via videolink at the Old Bailey charged with...

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Chefs day

International chefs day...

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Pup cakes

Pup cakes...

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Pumpkin baby!

Pumpkin baby!...

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Oh dear !...

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My kind of water!

My kind of water!...

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Pot au bird

Hot chick...

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pumpkin faces

Pumpkin faces...

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Spoooooky pumpkin faces

Spoooooky pumpkin faces...

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Come on then people how do you like yours

See how many people like the Same...

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Reece Calvert, winner of young chef of this years Annual Salon Culinaire Necta award

  Congratulations to this years winner Reece Calvert, under alot of pressure performing in front...

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The chef House stall Newcastle

Newcastle Bidvest show our stall great day ....

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All chefs wanted, Babucho, Newcastle upon Tyne

Were looking for all standard chefs for this very busy restaurant close to the Quayside....

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Boss of Chorlton restaurant that told customer to ‘just f**k off lady’ says ‘it wasn’t me’

Remember the link we posted recently about the customer who received a level of customer...

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Only in France

Only in France!...

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Who inspires you?

Tell us who inspires you!...

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How about this for customer service!?

After using Facebook to complain about the service of a local restaurant, this customer received...

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New guy!

New chef!

This is a normal chefs day off! Lol.

How do you enjoy your day off, lol!...

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Great Chef Stories

Welcome back to Behind Closed Ovens, where we take a look at the best and...

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A fantastic opportunity has arisen for 6 Colleges

Afternoon All , A fantastic opportunity has arisen for 6 Colleges ( 2 students and 1...

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Ten Fabulous Foods on Sticks

Jeanne Horak-Druiff is the creator of Cooksister.com, probably the UK’s longest surviving food blog having...

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Newcastle, Restaurant week

Restaurant Week Newcastle Restaurant Week is an initiative involving Newcastle restaurants designed to drive trade...

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Here are 5 wing flavours that will rock your face!

Matthew Kourie Become a fanFood and cocktail adventurer. Host of, “Bites and Booze” w/Spot On Magazine,...

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Mario Marie

Harry Potter Cake

We’ve seen some impressive cake designs here at The Chef House but we found these...

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Diet fork

More Excuses To Drink Rose!?

Lucy Hunter from Buzzfeed gives you all even more reasons to enjoy one of Britain’s...

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Honest Menu

Surely we’ve all been out for food with a group of people that aren’t our...

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12 Ways to Be a Foodie on a Budget

1. Buy food according to season.   Fuse / Getty Images / Via thinkstockphotos.co.uk Shopping...

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The 10 Best Food Blogs For Summer Inspiration

1 We’ve been enjoying the summer season for more than a few weeks already, but...

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Alimentum Lunch and feedback on ” A Passion to Inspire “

Afternoon ,    Mark Poynton is kindly putting on a limited ( numbers ) lunch...

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NATIONAL CHEF OF THE YEAR SEMI-FINALISTS REVEALED 19/05/2015 13:42:00 The paper entries have been judged...

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Kitchen teams

Chef vito...

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s day To all the working chef dads out there!...

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Hot spoon

Welcome James Knight of Mayfair to The Chef House

Welcome to our local supplier directory. Call Ian Robinson for some amazing deals on awesome...

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I don’t think I’m peeling very well!...

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5 Disgusting Truths About Every Restaurant (From a Chef)

By R. Jason Benson,  John Kolka,  Justin Croft April 01, 2015 Everybody knows a waiter with more industrial horror...

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“ A Passion to Inspire “ winners 2015 – Colchester Institute – Congratulations

“ A Passion to Inspire “ winners 2015 – Colchester Institute – Congratulations A Massive...

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Universal cookery & food festival

    Save the date! 23rd September 2015, Vallum Farm, Northumberland Home What’s On Exhibitor...

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Pimp my snack!

    #1. The Creme de la Creme Egg Rated 96.3/100 #2. Monster Jammie Dodger Rated 88.7/100...

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Welcome! New suppliers.

Speciality Breads  ...

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Kitchen team

Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre White The Observer Marco Pierre White: My work was a painkiller – it...

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9 Foods You’ve Probably Been Eating Wrong This Whole Time

FLAXSEEDS: stop eating them whole! The rumours are true and flaxseeds are great for your...

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10 Signs You’re Living The Service Industry Life

10 Signs You’re Living The Service Industry Life By BeccaMay 10, 2015 Off The Clock Server, Lifestyle...

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What makes a chef one of the best chefs in the world?

Best Chefs in the World What makes a chef one of the best chefs in the...

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Here Are Some Stories About Bugfuck-Crazy and/or Badass Chefs

Here Are Some Stories About Bugfuck-Crazy and/or Badass Chefs C.A. Pinkham Filed to: BEHIND CLOSED...

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Norman Bradford wins gold at NorthEast culinary & trade Association

Well done Norman Bradford on winning gold in the future chef and mentored for two weeks...

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How Do I Get the Cooks in My New Kitchen on My Side?

How Do I Get the Cooks in My New Kitchen on My Side? By OwenMay 5,...

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Are Beard Nets Becoming a Thing in the Kitchen?

Are Beard Nets Becoming a Thing in the Kitchen? By StephenMay 6, 2015 Beard nets are...

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The Life of a chef: reality check

Ever wondered what it’s like making a living in a professional kitchen? It certainly isn’t...

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Q: Why do all Chef’s have a short temper?

Click below for a brilliant response: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091029134729AA60wgY...

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The 21 Essential Hamburger’s of America

You love a burger, we love a burger, everyone loves a burger! Check out these...

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15 Life Lessons a Chef Can Teach You

Chefs have a unique perspective of the world. We work in blistering hot, close quarters...

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The 10 Commandments of Prep Cooks That Every Kitchen Should Have

The 10 Commandments of Prep Cooks That Every Kitchen Should Have Q: I want to...

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Best c.v

A struggling cook asked Gordon Ramsay a personal question, and he responded in an unexpected way.

A struggling cook asked Gordon Ramsay a personal question, and he responded in an unexpected...

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Dear Staff


AlexChefHouse: My Top 5 Strange Food Combos

Come on now admit it, you know what I mean. We all have them; some make...

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Chef: The Movie!

Having recently seen Chef, starring Jon Favraeu, we at The Chef House want to know...

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NSPCC – Corpus Christi College – Passion to Inspire – Marr Fish – Craft Guild of Chefs – 21st March 2015

Afternoon All,  Working with Inspired Students – Great Chefs – Magnificent Venue – Charity NSPCC...

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An Open Letter to the 21 Year Old Pastry Intern

An Open Letter to the 21 Year Old Pastry Intern By OwenMarch 24, 2015 Serving It...

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New chef! Check.

clocking in!



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Deer Dear!

super knife

SMART KNIFE 2 Stage – Concept Development the smart knife include not only providing information...

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competition Tiptree hamper

Friday Competition Tiptree Picture on Twitter Good morning, A little Competition this morning, win a...

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How to make a sandwich


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Food Fails

The National Chef of the Year

  Submit your entry for the most prestigious culinary competition in the UK… The National...

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Luke Bailey at Buzzfeed takes a sarcastic approach to anti-vegetarian views

1. Mozzarella sticks might be vegetarian, but do you really want to eat them?  ...

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Take that

i want one

Baby carrots

Final of Zest Quest Asia 2015

Afternoon – hope you are all well and Good, What a fantastic achievement by all the finalists...

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wheres my tongs

Fake Chef Prank

  What would you do if he walked into your kitchen?...

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Bread Gloves



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What’s Your Favourite Asian Dish?

Who doesn’t love a Chinese!? The Huffington Post is asking which Asian dish is your...

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Thinking of Making it Big on TV? Buzzfeed Looks at Which TV Show Would Best Suit You.

Take the Quiz Below and Share Your Results With Us:   http://www.buzzfeed.com/mathewguiver/which-food-network-show-should-you-compete-on#.uq2Apq79z   Via Mathew Guiver @...

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Is Circular Food the Best Food? Luke from Buzzfeed argues Yes.

1. Pancakes, doused in syrup? Circles. Thinkstock Images / Getty Images 2. Or you wanna...

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Can You Speak Like a Chef?

Play the Quiz Below! Comment with your score. http://www.playbuzz.com/toddbv10/can-you-speak-like-a-chef?fb_action_ids=10203598640749016&fb_action_types=og.comments&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B673069339471281%5D&action_type_map=%5B%22og.comments%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D For the record: I failed miserably...

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Nina Mohan via BuzzFeed Takes a Moment to Look at Some Fallen Comrades. 5 Second Rule Anyone?

How many of these would you 5 second rule? Leave your comments below.   31 Tragic...

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31 Photos That Will Enrage Every Single Chef

31 Photos That Will Enrage Every Single Chef Fair warning, many of these are tickets. And...

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Would You Have Done This?

On Sunday evening, the head chef at The Plough in Oxfordshire, England took over the...

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not mushroom!

Chefs quotes!

Hands up

very handy indeed!

chef life!

corny joke

Happy Valentines

Valentine’s Day

show some pictures of your valentine recipe would like to see who dose the best...

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now he can cook!

calling in sick

Eating Disorder!

calling all students

Afternoon All –  especially  students !!   Final chance  – closing date 28th February !   Here is...

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young cooks

Hard cheese!

wanna be a chef?

Valantines Ideas

Hello anyone got any simple ideas for romantic valentines meal?...

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recipe teaching.

gluten allergy

kitchens closed!

bathing children

Healthy Desserts

last orders!

5 second rule

milk crates



your time


wot can i say?


chicken TV.

kitchen therapy


back to work tomo!

I love salad!!

is this cooked chef?

special duck have you done this

Post by Vishow Dhakal. When the customer doesn’t appreciate what you’re serving!...

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my italian chef died


well done steak!

chefs night off!

mum on the wine

breaking bob

new boy in the kitchen

chefs at home

end of service

people so cruel

Afternoon Ladness

Tips on How to Be a Great Server… From the Chef

Tips on How to Be a Great Server… From the Chef   By Owen November...

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new waitress


early shift

chef tattoos

cooking turkey???

cooking a fxxking steak.

How To Cook A Fucking Steak by Alex Balk November 20, 2009 Go to the...

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geordie rules

chefs house!


peeling onions

break time

touch my cake!


why so early


  How about a cheap BBQ!!!!...

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Kitchen pranks

      Commis v Lobster A sous chef was teaching a commis how to...

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